3d Printing in Industrial Automation

As 3d Printing has been getting more attention, it has gotten difficult to separate reality from the hype. There has been a flood of consumer and commercial grade systems, with the differences in many cases hard to spot. I have spent a great deal of time working with varying materials and printing technologies and have […]

Always physically validate the safety circuit

A couple years back, I was working on the logic for a collection of about a dozen small machines. Most of these were tooling with Amphenol connectors to the cell, with no local safety circuit. The Toolbar PLC just used a set of discrete IO to handshake with the weld cell PLC. The issue here […]

When managed switches actually get used

In the industrial world, it is all too common to see a customer who has standardized on managed switches, yet leaves them in the default state. More often than not, these switches go through their entire lives never once having been configured or actually utilized beyond the capability of its counter part that is 1/8th […]