Been awhile since the holiday release came out! Its been a little bumpy considering the overhaul to the underlying screen platforms due to the changes following part shortages, but this release mainly intends to fix several of the larger bugs, and add support for the CR10 Smart. 7.4.4 was a bit rocky as we basically pulled the engine out and replaced it, leading to a few issues, but hopefully we will be back towards a more stable platform going forward and better able to adapt to varying hardware revisions.

Builds for Tiny Machines 3D, F1RST LAYER, and Bondtech have all been updated

As some may have noticed, messages to the Facebook page sometimes get lost in the mass of notifications. In order to help that, we have launched a discord server in order to help manage issues and support. We have also added sections for the vendors who support us to be able to post updates, sales, or respond to queries. There is a dedicated channel accessible only to supporters where they can receive priority support or customization assistance as well.

Insanity Automation Discord –

## Primary Notes for DW7.4.5
– Added support for CR10 Smart – Thanks to Tiny Machines 3Dfor providing the machine
– Revised file size issues causing corrupted screens on DWINOS3/4 displays (Sermoon, E6/7 etc)
– Added support for enabling / disabling filament runout and power loss recovery on the touchscreen
– Added LED control for equipped machines
– Resolved issue redirecting some users to Chinese language displays instead of manual move screens
– Update to upstream current as of 2022-02-04
– CR6 / E3 Portrait Touchscreen files have an added NextGen dwin set. This supports the new DWIN OS 4 screens that began shipping in December. There are a few cosmetic issues left to resolve, but we decided to add them now anyway so that users who haver that hardware and will require it are not stuck.

For the CR10 Smart, we have NOT tested the Creality cloud software. While it may work, as the OEM source was not released, we did not find it worthwhile to dig into supporting it. Instead, we recommend flashing Octoprint to the unit following the guide here :

For instructions on flashing, please see the following :
Video by Teaching Tech –
Tiny Machines 3D Guides –

Tiny Machines 3D Standard configurations Source / Precompiled Binaries –
Bondtech Extruders DDX Branch –
F1RST LAYER Branch –

The firmware branches maintained here are made possible by the support of sponsors like Tiny Machines 3D, as well as our customer base through our 3D printing services. Maintaining and developing these branches takes a significant investment, made up of time and machines. To support continued development, please consider your next 3D Printer related purchase from Tiny Machines 3D, and thank them for supporting open source development. Or, consider us for printing services outside your machine’s capabilities. If you do not need anything printed or a 3D Printer but still want to contribute, you can support us through Patreon
Support on Patreon is what allows us to add support for more hardware! We have been getting requests for the CR5 And CR200 as they use the same touchscreen codebase. We have received a CR5 Pro HT from F1RST LAYER, so support for this tank of a machine will be coming up next!

On a different note, We’re hiring!! We are looking for Controls Engineers with experience with Rockwell and Siemens PLC’s in the Metro Detroit area! Perks include access to our print farm! If interested please send you’re resume to

Programmer and Controls Engineer with over 10 years experience in IT and Industrial Automation. Avid gamer and Geek with an interest in nearly all things technical.