I know we’ve been quiet for a while and haven’t been as active as usual on social media since the start of the Covid pandemic. But, those who have been following our repositories may have noticed that, while development has slowed, it hasn’t stopped. Some users may have also noticed that we recently stopped pushing updates to our development branches. The reason for that is some unscrupulous developers have been taking our work, including changes in the development branch, and claiming credit for it in their own releases, unfortunately.

But now for the good news! We’ve been working with Tiny Machines 3D and Bondtech on some exciting updates. In addition to the typical 300-plus pre-compiled configurations we’ve published with Tiny Machines 3D, we now also have a separate set with 440 Bondtech DDX configurations with the most popular options! Many of these are geared directly to the Slice Engineering Copperhead and Mosquito products with varying heater PID defaults as well as differing thermistor types.

See the Bondtech page here

And while we’re at it – we decided now was a good time to eliminate one of the most inhibiting limitations on this display! In the past we focused on interoperability while allowing the OEM screen files to function as smoothly as possible. Our latest update will maintain that interoperability while allowing for complete page control for more than 20 files in a directory, as well as sub-directory browsing. There may be limits on the total path depth based on character counts, and we still recommend using the shortest file and directory names possible. But overall, this update represents a significant improvement in functionality and ease of use, and we’re excited to roll it out for our users!

Other items to note in the main repository –
Updated core to Marlin 2.0.7 bugfix as of 20210418
Added support for the E3MiniTurbo SKR board (Thanks to Ben Brady doing some initial legwork and testing as well as Tiny Machines sending a board to test further)

For instructions on flashing, please see the following :
Video by Teaching Tech
Tiny Machines Guides

Tiny Machines Standard configurations Source / Precompiled Binaries

Bondtech DDX Branch

The firmware branches maintained here are made possible by the support of sponsors like Tiny Machines as well as our customer base through our 3D printing Services. Maintaining and developing these branches takes a significant investment, made up of time and machines. To support continued development, please consider your next 3D Printer related purchase from Tiny Machines 3D and thank them for supporting open source development. Or, consider us for printing services outside of your machine’s capabilities. If you do not need anything printed or a 3D Printer but still want to contribute, you can support us through Patreon

Video of the new file browser

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