Weve got a Holiday update for you! Thanks to F1RST LAYER providing an Ender 7, we have gotten the new revision touchscreen in these up and working! As a byproduct, the Sermoon D1 is also up and going! While we do not have a Sermoon here, a few users have been working with us to test the builds as we progressed. Builds for Tinymachines and Bondtech have all been updated, as well as builds for F1rst Layer added to support their upgrade kits!

## Primary Notes for DW7.4.4
– Added Feedrate / Accel / Jerk Screens
– Touchscreen DGUS tools bumped to 8.2
— All Portrait displays operate with the same build
— Older screens (10S Pro) audio file selection is a bit off, havnt found a way to properly enforce wav file used yet
– Ender 7 support
– Sermoon D1 Support
— Some users have reported Z clicking that the scripts run in the Leveling screen resolves, so if you hear clicking from the Z stepper when printing, run measuring from the leveling screen after powerup before printing.
– E3V2 Screens Icon issue fixed thanks to note from Jyers on icon file size limit

For instructions on flashing, please see the following :
Video by Teaching Tech – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBX30GmM3Qo
Tiny Machines 3D Guides – https://tinymachines3d.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/33000262647-updating-firmware
Tiny Machines 3D Standard configurations Source / Precompiled Binaries – https://github.com/InsanityAutomation/Marlin/tree/CrealityDwin_2.0
Bondtech Extruders DDX Branch – https://github.com/InsanityAutomation/Marlin/tree/Creality_Bondtech
F1RST LAYER Branch – https://github.com/InsanityAutomation/Marlin/tree/F1rstLayer_Touchscreens

The firmware branches maintained here are made possible by the support of sponsors like Tiny Machines 3D, as well as our customer base through our 3D printing services. Maintaining and developing these branches takes a significant investment, made up of time and machines. To support continued development, please consider your next 3D Printer related purchase from Tiny Machines 3D, and thank them for supporting open source development. Or, consider us for printing services outside your machine’s capabilities. If you do not need anything printed or a 3D Printer but still want to contribute, you can support us through Patreon https://www.patreon.com/InsanityAutomation
Support on Patreon is what allows us to add support for more hardware! We have been getting requests for the CR5 And CR200 as they use the same touchscreen codebase. Please let us know where you think funds should be directed first!

In the spirit of the Holidays, dont forget to check out Tiny Machines 3D Black Friday sales https://tinymachines3d.com/pages/bfcm as well as the F1RST LAYER Amazon store here – https://amzn.to/32BIFaK



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