A recent order required a number of large ABS+ parts, so I ordered a 500mm cube printer to handle them. Tiny Machines got the machine to me about a week after ordering, so they did a great job rushing it out for me. The machine as it comes is fairly simple. They do include a filament runout sensor, however there is no builtin automatic bed leveling. With a 500mm aluminum plate, that gets to be a bit difficult. I got the machine with the Keenovo 110v heated bed. This is a 1300w heating element under the entire thing. The stock board comes with only a 300mm heater. Tiny machines was also able to put in an E3D extruder along with a plated micro swiss nozzle.

The first thing I did was set about building an enclosure for the new printer. Once I had a wooden frame, I mounted the bowden extruder as close as the existing wiring would allow me. I added a PEI sheet to the print bed. I printed a new extruder mount with a BL Touch sensor mount out of Polymaker PC-Plus.

Here are the changes from stock in my hit list : 

  • Heated enclosure
    • Wooden box built, need to build the door with a window
    • PID controller is in
    • 24vdc 300w heaters are in
    • Foil insulation ordered
    • 12in Aluminum plates for mounting ordered
    • 120mm recirc fans ordered
  • Stiffening
    • Thingiverse kit printing
    • Hardware all ordered from amazon
    • Rods lengthened to 36in (measures at 28, so ill trim as needed)
    • Need to figure out linear rail or rod and bearing for X axis
    • Find solid leveling pads for under the build plate
  • Hotend changeout
    • Temporary setup with the e3d and bl touch on bowden is printed
    • Need to finish wiring BL Touch
    • After X axis is strengthened, change to direct with a titan aero kit
  • Electronics
    • BL Touch wiring
    • Change main board to 24vdc
    • Add ssr relay and incorporate bed heater direct instead of on PID
    • Octopi added
    • Print mount for 120deg camera

Hopefully when all of the above is done, Ill have something as reliable as my Taz 6’s with a 500mm cube build volume! Stay tuned as I keep running with this thing!


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