Comparison of Slicers : Introduction

In 3D printing, your slicer is one of the most important tools. There are several options available. You have the vendor backed systems. Ultimaker Cura (Cura QT, New Cura, ect) Lulzbot Cura (Old Cura) Makerbot Print Craftware Tinkerine Suite Zorax Z-Suite Then you have your commercial software Autodesk Netfabb Simplify 3D KISSlicer Repetier Host Browser […]

Models on Thingiverse!

Lately I have been working on learning 3D Modeling and experimenting with Autodesk Inventor and Freecad. I have several things in mind that I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted online already, so a custom design was needed. My first design was a simple bracket to hold up a 1/4in thick canvas that my son […]

Modern Machine Design – Part 2

First-off, lets discuss the old school designers. These guys have a solid understanding of mechanics. They have probably read nearly the entire machinist’s handbooks and memorized everything in the 517 mechanical movements book. They understand how to translate any simple application of force into a complex motion. They understand how to fixture a part so […]